Bridge the gap between your supervisors and your team members by giving them essential tools in their toolbox to help your organization obtain the collective results you are looking for. Using this buffet of skills, you can design your day of training to meet your needs.

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Supervisory Skills

Managers are often promoted into positions of leadership because they can do the tactical parts of their job well. They are often ill-equipped to cope with people management. Managers need additional tools in their tool-box to build productive relationships with those in their line of influence. Learning skills such as communication, building trust, dealing with conflict, setting goals and expectations are a few of the tools they will be equipped with during these sessions.

Conflict Resolution
Personality Profiles
Team Building
Dealing with Challenging Personalities
Knocking Down Silos

HR Related Sessions

The evolution of HR has taken us from the Welfare officer of the late 1800’s, then an administrator, and in the first quarter of the 21st century HR is a vital member of the leadership team as a business partner. These sessions are for an HR professional who desires to evolve into a business partner. These virtual sessions are very interactive and collaborative using a variety of learning experiences to support this evolution.

Respect in the Workplace
Diversity & Inclusion
Rise of the "Me Too" Movement
Respect, Harassment & Bullying for Managers
How to Deal with Harassment as an Employee
Developing Cross Functional Relationships

Leadership Series

“Leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less.” John C Maxwell – Relationships sustain our workforce. Relationships are what attract potential employees, what creates the legacy employee, and what causes an employee to search for the exit. This series can be customized to fit the needs of the client but addresses a myriad of subject matters such as building bridges, building cohesive teams, becoming a person of influence, and utilizes different behavioral predictability tools to aid in the process.

Employment Law

Workforce litigations cost the workforce billions of dollars annually. Yet organizations fail to be proactive in supporting their managers and employees with the understanding of how to build a respectful and productive workplace. Workplace Law for non-HR professionals gives introduction to laws that directly impact the workforce, and Workplace Respect covers prevention of harassment, bullying, and our responsibilities as employees and managers.

FLMA, ADA & Workers Compensation: The HR Trifecta
Workplace Law for Managers and Supervisors
Core Services


Using various tools, like masterminding, personality profiles, role play, team exercises, media, pop-culture, and curriculum created specifically for your team, Pam will cultivate a high-energy and captivating atmosphere for your team to learn and walk away with tools they can immediately put to use.  Not only will your team be fully engaged, but they will be encouraged to take action that will turn into tangible RESULTS. Pam’s sweet spot is the manufacturing industry working with front-line supervisors and team leaders.

"We appreciate Pippin Resources customizing development courses for our leadership team."

Edwina, HR Manager