Our Team

The Working Genius of Pippin Resource Group:
How we use our Experience to Serve You

Pam Pippin

The Evangelizing Innovator

Ever since I can remember I’ve had the desire to rebel against boundaries.  For over 20 years, I accepted life within the confines of my office, always looking out the window and daydreaming of life beyond my desk.  Finally one day, as my professional life tried to consume me, I broke out and when the sunshine and freedom of entrepreneurship hit me I continued to run towards the light of a boundaryless and thriving life.

Not regretting the experience my office afforded me, breaking out gave me the ability to serve more HR Professionals, more businesses, more people who not only needed practical support, but life support.  I could take the tools I created in and around the offices and boardrooms of my career and share them with the world.

I’m passionate about creating an environment that is fun to learn in.  That’s what you can expect from Pam Pippin in person or in PamCast. So I combine my expertise in Human Resources, along with my passion and energy to bring a team together with real tools that can be used in your personal and professional life. This is key to building stronger, more effective teams and connecting with people all around you.

I’m a certified and degreed HR Professional, some people say that makes me certifiable.  I give back to my community of professionals by volunteering at both the local and state levels.  If you need to know more you can catch my credentials on Linked In, but what really keeps me grounded is my faith and my family.  That’s what drives me from desk to dwelling.

An excitable and convincing generator and promoter of new ideas. Combines curiosity and confidence with infectious enthusiasm.

Kristen Smithwick

The Judicious Accomplisher

Recently, a longtime colleague and friend independently joined Pippin Resource Group, bringing a wealth of strategic business knowledge to the table. Kristen recently sold her membership interest in a successful marketing, operations and market research consulting business that served multinational bio-pharmaceutical companies.

Along with two business partners, Kristen founded the company 16 years ago and served as COO/CFO and principal consultant. Kristen now helps business leaders to achieve operational excellence across critical functions, including HR, marketing, strategic planning, and finance. In her early career, Kristen worked in business operations and marketing consulting, serving global companies in healthcare, technology, telecommunications and financial service industries. Kristen also lives in Washington, NC.

A reliable, prudent, and focused doer. A unique combination of practical urgency and intuitive judgment.

Ashley Pippin

The Loyal Finisher

As the Resource Coordinator, Ashley executes on the PRG commitments helping us help you cross the finish line. She will assist with making sure you & your team have access to our portfolio of services in your developmental processes. She is currently a student at East Carolina University studying Exercise Physiology leading to a career in Physical Therapy, currently living in Greenville, NC.

A responsive, dependable doer. Willing to step up when something is needed and determined to fulfill their commitments.

Maria Yost

The Insightful Collaborator

With almost 30 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry as a certified Physical Therapist , Lymphedema Therapist, and MLT Maria has evolved into a Healthcare Management professional using her Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and Wicked Problem Solving skills to lead organizations within the medical industry. She is a mom, wife, friend and business leader who lives in Washington, NC.

An excitable and convincing generator and promoter of new ideas. Combines curiosity and confidence with infectious enthusiasm.